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About Me
Tamara Georgievna Abrosimova is Atlanta-based Ukrainian-American actress, who has many special skills including gun proficiency, fire breathing, pole dancing, kickboxing along with many others.
Tamara was born and raised in Kherson, Ukraine as the only child. Ever since her mother took her to the theatre at the age of seven, Tamara fell in love with the stage and acting itself. She always participated in the school plays and played make-believe at friend's homes.

In 2006 her life changed for the first time when she moved to the United States. Even though it was a major change, Tamara continued to spend majority of her time in dance and vocal classes. In 2014 she earned her Associate's degree of Arts from Casper College.

Tamara has appeared as a vivacious assassin in the suspenseful thriller Bone Closet (2019), the mysterious and charming escort in Laura (2019), and the vicious, but ferocious killer in the horror film, Follow the Leader (2019).

She guest starred on Killer Couples (2020) playing sweet, young mother desperate to survive a kidnapping.

Tamara is a huge fan of traveling, photography, volunteering and writing. When she isn't on the screen, she usually works on her novellas and scripts. One of her best work is a psychological thriller "Ride or Die with me" (2020). She is also a wine connoisseur, collects vintage teddy bears, ''The Simpsons'' and ''Doctor Who'' memorabilia. In addition, Tamara loves to do freelance modeling, has traveled to multiple countries and is an amazing watercolor painter. 

Tamara_Abrosimova_Headshot 1.JPG

Height: 5'5"

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: Atlanta, GA



Experiment 81/ dir. Jamall Rawlinson/2021


Bone Closet/ dir. John Winburn/2020


Tied Up/ dir. Aaron Knee/2018


Haunted by You/ dir. Andrew Antonucci/2020


Granted/ dir. Cody Geddings/2020


Cantaloupe/dir. Sabrina Zawicheva/2019


Borat 2/ dir. Jason Woliner/2020                                                    Supporting

Follow the Leader/ VirgoKid Productions/ dir. Vinnis Parnell and Taiyen Stevenson/ 2019


MUTE/ dir. David Koeppling/2020


Related to Ted Bundy/ dir.Elon Rodney/2020



Killing It

NBC Universal



SNAPPED: Killer Couples

Oxygen Network


Guest star


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest/ 2021

Candy Star

Ukrainian Melody/ 2009


Evening with Alexander Pushkin/ 2009



REW-Meet the real Bianca/ Yard Lion Productions/2020


Stuck on the Telly/ Yard Lion Productions/2020



Coca-Cola Regal Films: Choose Happy/ 2018


Asdis Tea Bar/ 2020


Charleston Beach Chairs/ 2019


HIV Pharma/ 2021


Training &

Voiceover training/ Ben Giroux/ 2021


The Stella Adler Studio of Acting/ Jane Fleiss- Brogger/ 2021

Ace your self-tape/ Erica S. Bream Casting/ 2023


Acting workshop/ Tracy Kilpatrick/ 2023


Commercial training/ Get Scene Studios/ 2021

On-camera acting/ William Mark McCullough/ 2019

On-camera acting/ Andrea Frankle/ 2019

Acting technique/ James DuMont/ 2019

Comedy technique/ Heather Gilliland/ 2020

Method acting/ Scott Rogers/ 2020

Dance masterclass/ Tatiana Vasilyevna/ 2006

Voice lessons/ Boris Bogdanovich/ 2009

Theatre Craft/ Richard Burke/ 2012

Acting technique basics/ Lydia Shetler/ 2012

Special Skills

*CERTIFIED scuba diver




*Fire breathing

*Pole dancing

*Working with camera equipment, photography

*Have valid driver’s license and US Passport

*Intermediate use of weaponry, from pistols to machine guns

*CNA, trained in CPR and First Aid

*Writer, sewing, roller skating, yoga, modeling, crochet, cigar and traveling 

*Translating, advanced speaker of Russian and Ukrainian languages


*Coffee specialist
*Wine connoisseur
*Horseback riding
*Collector of vintage teddy bears and unicorns
*Cooking Russian and Ukrainian food

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