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Are they typecasting me...AGAIN?!

I like the word “typecast”, because it consists of two smaller words: TYPE and CAST. You, my friend, have a certain type that you show, that you embellish, that you portray. I am a certain type: blonde girl in her 20’s with a curvaceous figure. People look and see sexy, which leads to them thinking that I’m a sex worker. Which I’m fine with. Sex workers earn really good money, are very misunderstood by society and stereotyped as well. But! People also see me as someone who is nurturing and can be a bitch. People also hear my Russian accent, and they stereotype that I might be a spy. The CAST part comes in after. Because of a certain type that you or I portray, we get cast as particular, certain characters. I get typecast as an assassin, as an escort and as a bitch. I’m neither of those things, but it’s so much fun playing those types!

If you get cast as a mother- flaunt it! Be the best mom in the world, who is on top of everything! She’s the one who always prepares dinners on time for her husband and two children, who is a brilliant lawyer and she always comes to bake sales! Think: Bree van de Kamp. She was a mother, a housewife and she was perfect!

If you get cast as an angry, dangerous Mexican guy- Danny Trejo. Wonderful actor who almost always gets typecast, and he is famous!

Actors who get typecast often: Liam Neeson (The Revenge Guy), Tom Cruise (The Hotshot), Drew Barrymore (The Sweetheart) and the list goes on! Those actors accepted their type, they are constantly booked and they are respected.

Conclusion- be typecast and be proud of it!

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