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Drama in showbiz

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Just stay away from it. It's not worth it.

Why have drama in your professional life when you might have it in your personal one.

Why would you get in between two actors who hate each other, but you're friends with both of them?

You always should worry about yourself. Don't pay attention to what the others are doing. PERIOD.

Example: Say, a certain actor posted their opinion about politics and religion. I might not agree with what they said, but I am not going to argue with them to change their opinion. Not only is it time-consuming, but it's not going to change anything in my life. The argument will only leave me & the other person extremely frustrated, and will ruin our day.

Another example that I could bring is working with someone difficult. Back in 2020 I worked for FREE on a set as a 2nd AD in a short film. The lead actor (who shall not be named, OK?) always disappeared from the set, didn't know his lines, over-acted and didn't respect my opinions as a 2nd AD. I was even his stand-in couple of times, because nobody could find him! I could've talked shit about him, complained every damn minute. But you know what? I put up with it for 2 VERY LONG DAYS and I never saw him again, and I hope I won't ever again :D

Dating drama. Here's a thing- lots of actors sleep with each other and believe it or not, it's kind of a small market. Everybody knows each other and everyone will eventually end up working with one another. And because actors don't really date, we only have time for one-night-stands, hook-ups and small talk.

I used to like a certain guy, alright? And he followed a lot of 18-25 year old girls on Instagram. Kind of creepy considering he was twice their age, but whatever. I knew him intimately and I always got jealous when I saw his picture next to one of those girls. I asked him how come he never posted a photo of me considering we have been to few social events together.

Point is- I let feelings get in my way, and my inside warrior felt beaten down every time I felt something for the person who wasn't even worth a penny of my time!

Once I disengaged away from him, my world became a much better, healthier and happier place. #nodrama

Drama is toxic. I cannot tell you how many people I know in the industry who are sexual predators, and simply bad people. Agencies who are scamming actors back and forth... I try to help out actors when I get a chance, and not having drama in my life is a joy.

FACT: Drama leaves you depressed and anxious.

FACT: Avoiding drama makes you a happier person.

ALSO FACT: Leave drama out of your life, and be dramatic on screen instead! :)

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