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How to get an agent

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In three years of pursuing acting I went through 5 different agents and 3 managers. I have three agents now and I respect them all equally. The first one I got through a referral, which you can ask your teachers about. It’s appropriate, especially if you have been learning from them for a few months.

I got my second and third agents by sending out my information: headshot, demo reel and short paragraph of why I thought we would be a good fit.

TIP #1: Research your agent on IMDb Pro and Google. If they’re legit- they will have a photo of their agency, reviews, a long client list on IMDb, contact info, films they’ve worked on, etc. If they’re one of those “pay up ahead and then we’ll get you booked” -RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!

TIP #2: Write a cover letter. It doesn’t have to be a 5-page essay, but do make sure to include: things you’ve booked, special skills, types you audition for, where you are based, link to your website (if you have one), link to your social media platforms, headshot, resume and demo reel. If you don’t have a demo reel, include an audition reel.

TIP #3: Find an agent who doesn’t have anyone like you on their radar. If you’re a black girl in her 20’s who portrays mothers and prostitutes and agency doesn’t have anyone that type- send them an email!

I’m one of the very few Russian girls in the Southeast. All three of my agents don’t have any Russians on their radar besides me. Yes, they have a bunch of 20-year- old white girls, but only American nationality.

TIP #4: Send out emails to agents in different regions. If you’re in the Southeast- send an email to an agent in Chicago. If you’re in Chicago- send an email to an agent in Los Angeles.

TIP #5: Be professional. Make sure you have your main materials:

  1. Demo reel that showcases your type and acting skills.

  2. Headshot that looks like you on any day. It has to represent your brand and it absolutely has to be current! Agents don’t want to see your headshot from ten years ago.

  3. Resume that has credits, your name, email and special skills.

TIP #6: Be patient, but persistent.

Spend an entire day sending out emails to different agents and agencies, wait three weeks and repeat the same process.

I remember sending out over a hundred different emails to agents all over the Southeast, LA and New York. Only five got back to me, I had an interview with two of them, and got signed with one. I got signed with 1 out of 100 agencies, but the one who signed me got me my first co-star role, and sends me auditions every week.

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