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Three words- dreams come true. I like to call dreams “goals”, because you can dream anything, but in order to achieve it- you gotta write out goals and steps to accomplish them.

I’ve been working on booking a one- liner for about three years. Yes, three exciting, nerve-wrecking, life-changing years. After doing shitty student films, disorganized feature films, being on the verge of homelessness, dealing with fake managers, losing friends and traveling thousands of miles to different sets- I finally did it! I booked my first co-star role!

I booked the role due to three reasons only:

  1. Personal experience

  2. My agent Marc

  3. My teacher and friend James DuMont

People say that acting requires you to bring your own personal experience whenever you have to audition. That’s what makes your self-tape different from someone else’s. But also authenticity, personal choices, and lots of other factors that have nothing to do with you! The audition required me to have sex with a guy while I was wearing a strap-on. It was a comedy I was auditioning for, just an FYI. Since I have done something like that in my personal life (it was one time, okay?), I was just having fun during the audition process. I did only two takes and submitted the one where I had my eyes close to the camera lens, and not down or too far from it. That was thanks to a working actor James DuMont (IMDb him!) who told me that I should fix my eyelines after watching my audition reel.

I was super excited that I got signed with Carolina Talent agency that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, because it was a third audition that my agent Marc got me in the same month I got signed with him.

Two days after I submitted the audition Marc called me and told me that I shouldn’t be too excited, but I was a top choice for the part. I was too excited, because the producers and casting liked my audition, but most importantly- they liked ME. The only people who I had to please was the network.

Two days later I was driving from Tennessee to Kentucky when Marc called me and said that I booked the role. I thanked him and told him that I hoped I didn’t go overboard with an audition, but hey- everyone liked it and we got off the phone. I began to cry and chuckle at the same time. I don’t know how to say this or to call it, but it’s a little quirk of mine I always did when something amazing happened.

Here’s what project I auditioned for:

*The role was named “Woman/ Porn Actress”.

*It was for a television series, called “Killing It” which is now streaming on Peacock Television!

FYI Pilot is free to watch, and subscription is only $5 a month! You can't beat that! Peacock Television has some really good movies and shows.

*The lead actors were Craig Robinson who played Daryl in “The Office”, Claudia O'Doherty from "Our Flag means death" and Scott McArthur who played Jimmy in “The Mick” and who I met on the set of "The Righteous Gemstones" where he played Scotty. And who was also MY CRUSH. But I’ll talk about that later ;)

*One of the casting directors was Lisa Mae Fincannon, who was a MAJOR casting director in the Southeast along with Mark Fincannon and Kimberly Wistedt. If I kept on booking through them after this role, I would be set!

*Filming was in New Orleans, LA and I decided do drive from Savannah, GA and check out states on the way along with the general area. Oh yeah, a VERY long drive. But the good thing was- I just bought a brand new Honda and I needed to put some miles on it. Plus, I liked to show her off. She was sexy as fuck!

*And the weird, but cool thing was is that I had my own stand-in! I used to be one and I wondered if I could save company some money and be my own stand-in. Would that be acceptable?

The day of the shoot came flying in and all the nervousness and anxiety from weeks prior was gone with the wind. Since it was going to be a closed set, because another actor and I were going to be partially nude- I had to exercise a week prior, so I would be in great shape. I also had to do some fasting on the day of the shoot, and only ate few grapes during the 12-hour day.

Once I arrived on set at 11 am I took a moment to take it all in. The grips and lights were getting things out of their big trucks, the PA’s were hypering up on coffee and catering was cooking the food for 100+ people.

I checked in with the PA’s, took Covid test along with the Accula rapid one and began to search for the AD. After finding the honeywagon I checked in with the assistant director who led me to my trailer and I began to wait. Here’s a thing about acting that no one tells you about- it’s a lot of waiting and having enough patience for it. =D

It can be good and bad. I’ll start with bad- you have a big audition the same day, and you don’t have your self-tape equipment, a reader and it’s way too loud to record anything. Another CON- you’re inside of a tiny moving vehicle for 12 hours and you have to stay there. Thank goodness those have bathrooms.

PROS- you can memorize and practice your lines in case there’s a change in the script, browse the web, finish that book you’ve been putting off for a year, and catch up on the latest season of “American Horror Story”.

There I was in my honeywagon- waiting and looking over the contract and the updated call sheet, and... my crush was NOT going to be on set. I felt crushed. I practiced what I was going to say as soon as I found out Scott McArthur was going to be in the same show, which was a week prior.

Therefore, for a week straight I daydreamed and then at night my mind and subconsciousness gave me sex dreams. I promised myself that if I do see him on the set I would introduce myself and mention how nice he was to me on TRG, how we high-fived each other, how we got away from the extras and took a photo together (RIP that photo due to me not saving it on my Google drive). I would compliment him, maybe say something stupid, which is what happens when I liked someone.

Despite Scott not being on the set that day, I was also excited that I would get paid a grand and get to be on a professional set again. Prior to getting a principal role I did a feature film and 2 student films because I missed socialising and I needed new material for my demo reel. It was bit discouraging to see on social media that every other actor was getting booked constantly, while I didn't. But you know what? I was climbing mountains in Moab, eating fried crickets in Albuquerque, traveling back in time at Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland... So, you know, everybody has their own thing :)

Anyways! Two hours into waiting I got called into hair and makeup. Not long after that I met the intimacy coordinator, my fellow co-star, David Shae (check out his IMDb!) and we practiced our scene, talked about being comfortable and closer to 5 o’clock I finally got called to set. I got to meet Craig Robinson who is a real sweetheart and genuinely a nice guy, and I met the producers along with a director. Everyone was very nice and friendly towards me, and I got to sit in one of those fancy director’s chairs that have the name of the show in the back.

When the cameras started rolling, me and David took off our robes and started shooting. We did 5 takes in total from different angles, there was some improv between David and Craig while me and extras slowly went to the back of the room. That wasn't in the show, but it was funny to watch and listen to improv between actors.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was very comfortable being naked on the set in front of strangers. Three years ago I would’ve been stressed, uncomfortable and feeling disgusted with myself. But after being a body double on "Watchmen" back in 2019 I wasn't scared of bearing it all. Fun fact- people change. I shot my scene in an hour and everyone got wrapped. I changed into my regular clothes and went to thank the producers for having me on a show, even if it was just for a day. I think it was a good idea and quite humbling. Who knew? Perhaps they could bring me back as a recurring character :)

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