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Pilot Season

Happy New Year to you! Hope you spent time with family and friends, and got the presents that you needed ;) With a new year come new responsibilities. With the pilot season starting in January and lasting up until April- you have a LOT to do! Unless you already did those things.

  1. New headshots. Are you a kid? Get new headshots. Kids grow up too fast, and they change every year. If you’re a teenager- you probably need new ones as well. If your last photo session was five years ago- it’s time. If you’re transgender who had a recent sex change- get new headshots. There’s many LGBT-friendly photographers out there! For women- get headshots with different hairstyles and looks that show the type you get cast for. For men- get few headshots with and without a beard and/or moustache.

  2. New demo reel. If the agent likes your demo reel, if it represents your type, if it’s great quality and gets you booked- no need to make a new one. I would edit the info at the end of your reel, if your email had changed or if you got a new agent and/or manager.

  3. Update your resume. You got new credits. I would go to all the sites and add them: on Actor’s Access, IMDb pro, Cast IT, etc. If you learned a new special skill and attended a few classes- put that on there!

  4. Be organized. You gotta have good communication with your agent, and make sure to send them gifts on every major holiday. Whenever you get booked for something- put it on the calendar and keep it close.

  5. Keep marketing yourself and take a few courses on how to do that, if you’re not sure.

  6. It's an odd one, but keep your car in a great shape! You either have to fly or Uber to those auditions, callbacks and gigs. But it's always nice to get in your car and you'll know you'll get on set on time.

  7. Practice! If you’re bored- practice monologues or run lines with a friend, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

Pilot season can be stressful, but if you got your s*** together- you are READY!

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