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Set etiquette

You booked the gig! Congrats!!! First time? No problem! Here’s some things you should know before you take your first step on the set.

  1. Make sure you have the call sheet with address, phone numbers and your scenes an evening prior to the shoot. They usually sent those out after the wrap and 8-12 hours before the next day.

  2. DON'T wear flip flops and/or pajamas. Safety is a biggie on the set and there’s lots of heavy equipment. If something drops on your foot- guess what? Here come the lawyers and problems. That’s why you never see anyone wearing those on set. Also, don’t overdress. DON'T wear a formal dress or a gown- that’s what wardrobe is for, especially if you’re filming a period scene. You’re an actor- be professional, be dressed for the job. Clean t-shirt, jeans and converse will do just fine for both sexes.

  3. Check in with the Assistant Director or PA. They will lead you to your honey wagon or trailer, where you wait all day.

  4. BE NICE to everyone! An assistant you saw today might be a director for the next hit on Netflix in a few years. People remember kind and nice people, and they also remember rude ones. Don’t be rude, it will not get you far.

  5. Make sure to eat during lunch! I had a sex scene in a network show, and was fasting all day. I almost got to the point of passing out, so I ate some fruits and salad. Better be safe than sorry.

  6. Practice your lines and be ready to improv. Depends on the show, of course.

  7. Have fun! You get paid to play make-believe and it might be one of the most competitive jobs in the world, but it’s also easy.

  8. Sign off when you’re wrapped. That way the production knows you were here, and how many hours you worked.

  9. Check-in with your agent and tell him/her thank you for booking this gig (unless they didn't) and how much fun you had on the set.

  10. Get home safely. If you’re tired, pull to the side of the road or the rest stop and take a quick nap. DON'T fall asleep at the wheel. If you’re using Uber or Lyft, try to stay away and maybe make a small conversation. I always ask drivers to tell me funny stories from their job. They see A LOT OF CRAZY THINGS. If you’re flying, don’t miss out on your flight! Get some sleep while on the plane.

  11. Be grateful. That first co-star and guest star are just the start of your amazing career. Be humble for every opportunity that comes your way.

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