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Voiceovers? Why not!

You haven’t had auditions for two weeks now, you got laid off from your regular job and you're a bit desperate. Answer: VOICEOVERS. You literally get paid by using your voice. One of the things that makes you unique. One of the many perks of doing those is that you can do it out of the comfort of your own home, and you don’t have to put any clothes on. Especially if you’re submitting an audition.

However, before starting out- you should take classes. Research the teachers, check their credits on IMDb and make sure you can afford them. I was trained by Ben Giroux, who is a working actor of 15+ years, and who you’ll probably recognize as The Toddler from Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger” and Nate from "Big Nate", also on Nick. This guy has been in many shows as a guest star along with a few feature films. Ben is a super nice, down-to-earth and friendly guy. Due to his amazing credits and experience, he doesn't charge cheap. But you have to learn from the best and those ones are not cheap, and are very exclusive.


TikTok: @bengiroux

While you are learning, you can also register on sites like Voices123 and Amazon. There are many casting calls on where people are looking for kids, adults, trilingual people and the pay varies. On Amazon writers post books and they’re looking for actors to voice them for the audiobooks. It’s a great side hustle!

After a good, constant year of training and hustling you can start looking for a voiceover agent. Make sure to check them out on reliable sources, see who is in their roster and submit your voiceover reel. VO reel should be ideally 1-1:30 minutes. One can be a commercial, one for cartoons and another one for a different language that you happen to speak. Don’t forget to put those reels in your Actor’s Access and other platforms.

Voiceovers are fun, they are here to stay and you get to be whoever you want without really going anywhere.

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