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What to do during SLOW season

It is officially summer and actors aren't getting any auditions or barely any.

I personally had 2 auditions during a week, not including the voiceovers. It's NOT a lot! I used to get at least 3 a week from January until April. Even my fellow working actor friend, Patrick Roper, who has been in the industry way longer than me, hasn't been getting much auditions either.

So it's not you, it's just that time of the year. And while it's slow, that means you have more time to do other things:

-Work on getting a new demo reel

-Update your headshots

-Update your resume

-Take an acting class

-Audition for the play near you

-Audition to be a ghost tour guide

-Get together with your actor friends and film something!

-Register for 48-hour film fest

-Look for casting calls in states near you

-Go to social events and conventions

-Learn to play a musical instrument

-Learn a new language

I can keep going. You can also find a new source of income as well. Acting, after all, can become quite an expensive career.

At the end of May I began to rent out my car, my storage unit and rent my apartment for SCAD students to use for student films.


Each one has perks, but the thing with SCAD is that I can network with some students and of I fit the part in their film, I would have material for my demo reel.

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