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I hate Thanksgiving & this is why

Updated: Feb 19

First of all, I am an American citizen, not by a choice, but that's a different topic.

I love Christmas and New Year though, because I also celebrate those in my country and love seeing all the lights and giving my friends & family awesome gifts. However, Thanksgiving and I go back and we don't like one another.

The first reason is the meaning of this holiday. Do most people know its origins? Europeans simply took over the Native American land.

"The Wampanoag people faced enslavement from European settlers and were pushed off of their homelands in what is now modern-day Massachusetts. While to most Americans the holiday, Thanksgiving procures images of food, family and fellowship, to the Wampanoag Native Americans, it is a day of mourning."

Read more of its dark history on:

Reason #2. Many turkeys are being raised in factory farms, where they are cramped up, their beaks and toes are removed WITHOUT the anesthesia. It truly is agonizing what happens to all the animals on these... Why? Because society keeps on populating and there aren't enough animals in the world to feed 8 BILLION people! Therefore, factories have to massively reproduce animals and slaughter them.


Reason #3. Food & preparation. The 2 years I did celebrate Thanksgiving, I honestly hated the food. The turkey was ALWAYS dry and cranberry sauce was disgusting. And it wasn't because of the person who cooked it. The only things I did manage to eat were the pies. Not to mention all that food preparation, beating up old ladies at the store to get the last of the sweet potato pie, the inflation itself. It costs $60+ to feed 10 people. In 2019 it used to be $40. Why not just make a normal people that EVERYONE enjoys? Instead of one person (probably your mom or grandma) making all that food, how come everyone won't pitch in?

In addition, you will eat more than you should and will feel guilty about it. Isn't that what the holiday is about? (rolls her eyes)

Reason #4. I got robbed on Thanksgiving of 2017 in San-Francisco. My car was broken into, guys stole my immigration documents, passport, cell phone and money. Along with other personal belongings that included the stories and songs I wrote and been working on for years. I got all those things back, but since then I hate Thanksgiving more and San-Francisco police department can rot in hell.

Reason #5. November is a sucky month. The weather is cold, the wind is cold, it's always cloudy and people experience seasonal depression due to a lack of sunlight. All we want to do is stay at home and binge-watch latest shows. Need I say more?

Reason #6. Black Friday. Billion dollar companies like Walmart & Target are simply lying to you that items are on sale. They are NOT. It's a marketing strategy. The items cost exactly what they were weeks ago. A lot of customer service workers are exhausted since they HAVE to work on a holiday, so they can provide for their families at home. I worked on Black Friday at JoAnn Fabrics in 2014 and people are fucking RUTHLESS AND INSANE during this day.

Be nice to people who are working instead of being with their own families...

Reason #7. Everything is CLOSED. For people like me who don't celebrate this holiday, it's a normal day for us. I want to go to gym and work, go skydiving. I want to be able to do normal things like grocery shopping or cause a rampage at the local police department. You know, the usual. What if I don't want to take the day off?

That would sum it up on my end. I think that spreading the real truth and dark history behind this holiday is extremely important and helpful. It's good to be thankful every day instead of one day a year. It's good to have family dinners when you can, not just on certain occasions. Whether you agree or disagree, it's up to you.

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