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How to memorize your lines

Great question for those who don't have a photographic memory.

1. Know the language of an audition. It's common sense and I can recall a personal story from that. I had an amazing audition, 5 pages each scene, for a feature film shooting in Albuquerque ( I go there often) and I was supposed to speak Spanish in it. Here's the thing- I don't speak Spanish fluently. Not yet! But the gig paid well and it would be shooting in one of my favourite cities, so I kind of white-lied about knowing Spanish. I ended up asking my Spanish-speaking friend how to say "this and that" sentences, she sent me the files and I knew I didn't book the job. Second thing- don't lie! There will always be good auditions that are meant for YOU!

2. Know the intent of your character. What is their intention? What are they trying to achieve?

3. Understanding your character. Who are they? What do they do for work? Why are they in this situation? What age are they? What nationality? Are they poor or wealthy? Are they good or bad people? What relation do they have with other character in the scene?

4. Google the words you don't understand. English is my third language and numerous times I had to google a certain word, and it made my audition so much easier to understand and better-flowing.

5. Make a cheat sheet. Put it in your eye lines and NOT in front of the camera. Print out 2 copies of each scene. That way you can look both ways and not get lost where you are in the scene.

6. Write your lines down while speaking them at the same time. IT helps! Trust me on this one.

7. Eat while you're reading the lines. If you still can't get that chocolate mousse cake out of your head that you tasted last week, then you can remember those lines while eating one. Or something else that's just as equally delicious.

8. Read lines when you wake up and go to sleep. Your brain is tired when your head hits the pillow, making you relaxed and sleepy. Perhaps you will have a dream based on an audition! Reading lines in the morning is amazing, because your brain is fresh, it's a new day and you will memorise the script even better.

9. Know what the heck is going on in the script in the first place.

10. Read your lines, close your eyes and say the words. Not long ago I took a free webinar with a casting director, Brian Beegle, and it was one of the methods he taught his actors. I tried it and was really surprised how easily the script went and how lines flew out of my mouth.

Try those methods, see which one works best for you and best of luck! You got this, buddy!

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